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The first permanent Bless Shop was launched in Berlin in 2003. Initiated and created by long term Bless

supporter and collector Yasmine Gauster, one important reason to open a Bless Shop was certainly to

be able to show as complete as possible the whole Bless product and project range, as this is impossible

in a multibrand shop.

The Shop mainly functions as an institution, a big  Bless window on the world. Sold out products can be

seen, former and recent products can be bought. 

The original spatial and furniture concept was elaborated by Yasmine Gauster. The shop interior is

everchanging and was seen so far in many different forms: almost overgrown by all kind of plants,

emptied and populated only by  “BLESS N°22 perpetual home motion machines“, useed as a service

tearoom for restless berlin fashion fare guests, etc. 

It´s dimensions are elastic, the Shop expands temporarily, occupying every once in a while a multibrand 

store on the other side of the street, or other empty locations in the same street.

Mainly due to this phenomen, the whole street came into movement and benefits from this animation in

attracting more and more Shops to open.

Another reason to build the shop was to give the nomad project ”BLESS N°11 BLESS SHOPS“ a

temporary home. As a reaction on various invitations on interesting art and design shows, Bless came

up in 2000 with the temporary Bless Shop concept. 

Adapted each time to local room situations and circumstances the shops shows a whole retrospective on

existing Bless items. The 20st stop of BLESS N°11 took place at Ludlow 38, in New York City. Travelling

parts of Bless Shop #20 NYC are currently shown at Amerigan Rag Cie, Los Angeles, until the end of the


The Shop will continue to change due to actual circumstances and will be even closer and directly linked

to all Bless activities. It will follow each new Bless centre of gravity and emphasize more on the unique

products that can´t be found elsewhere.

(Former) Bless Shop Berlin, Mulackstrasse 38


Inaugurated in 2006 during Bless défilée for collection N°30 and 10th anniversary street party, Bless

Shop Paris provides items of current and ancient collections as well as a wide choice of the accessories

and design products. Sharing the space with the Bless Paris office and atelier, the shop is a flexible

space, constantly remodeled: sometimes showroom, sometimes shop, it always stays a meeting place.

During Bless N°36 Nothingneath show and showroom, Bless Shop Paris discretely extends to the next

door, first floor private apartment, and welcomed Bless fans in an easy and quiet atmoshere.



BLESS Shop Paris 
14, rue Portefoin
75003 Paris 
+33 148 01 67 43 

Tue - Fri 14.30 - 19.00 h 
Sat 12.00 - 19:00 h